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Fake News, Doom & Gloom, Brexit, New Homes Competition, Rain etc, etc.

The right thing to do is to look at the facts and come up with the right solutions. When things are really good for a long time, we can get used to it and forget how to do things when things are really normal.

When we put all the numbers together this year up to the 22nd August 19 it makes very interesting reading for Calne & SN11. (We’ve put these numbers together from a number of websites, so they are not independent figures. We are happy for other agents can do the same if they want to).

Second Hand Homes Instructed Second Hand Sales Agreed
Butfield Breach 135 72
Agent 2 67 (over 50% less) 28 (56% less)
Agent 3 76 (over 40% less) 35 (over 50% less)
Agent 4 81 (40% less) 36 (50% less)

We haven’t included new homes sales as they are part of the competition challenge of this year, with ‘Help to Buy’ and lots of incentives.

One of the estate agency rules of thumb when you are first taught the business is that a normal/good performance is to sell 50% of what you take on every month. In the past we have seen levels of 75%/80% which really was extraordinary. Butfield Breach have agreed 53.3% whilst others in the town are running at 46% and under.

The figures say that it is a normal market if you work it right. That means putting yourself out and being a little patient because the majority of people looking, have not sold quite yet. Sometimes the sale comes 4/5 weeks after the first viewing.

Agents that have followed the on-line model have struggled and it is interesting to see the turmoil that a lot of the on-line agents are going through. Agents who have dropped their fees to match have had to offer a lower standard of service. These models work well in a very good market but not so in a normal market.

So, it is a normal to slightly tougher market. Not a terrible one.

Be open as long as possible (7 days a week), employ trained, full time and experienced people. Plan accordingly.

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