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We had yet another year of selling the most second-hand homes in SN11. We also launched the most second-hand homes once again. There is a reason for it!

Some of the tools we employ are blatantly obvious but completely missed by our competition.

Being around when buyers are, is the key for any sales business. Property buyers are at their most active at weekends and evenings, so we need to be around to take advantage for our owners. We are the only ones physically open in the area on Sundays and we are happy to try and accompany as many viewings as possible in the evenings. (We believe we are the last physical showroom open in Wiltshire). Around 40% of agreed business is done over the weekend with many decisions made on a Sunday.

Presenting our homes with the right imagery and producing brochures that attract buyers. Not being afraid of using the telephone to listen and understand what is driving a buyer so we can better sell our homes.

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