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Consistent sales and buyers registering but patience is the key because of the type of buyer around.

We are finding now that the majority of buyers (around 60%) seem to have a home they need to sell. In the main most are not even on the market yet but preferring to wait until they see the right home for them before taking the step to market themselves. We have had numerous offers from buyers with this profile. it has lead us to change the way owners have approached selling. Sales have been agreed on the basis that time has been allowed for someone to sell their home. In relation to speed the market to the east of us toward London has mean’t that sometimes the delay is not too long at all as we see a strength and speed from that region.

Sundays for us has been very key again. People working, people relocating have found this day invaluable. For us over 60% of our sales have been on Sunday with more than that offer wise. SO WE WILL BE CARRYING ON OPENING ON A SUNDAY!

The Brexit Affect? Haven’t quite seen it yet so far. In or out, will it hurt the market? We are seeing the shortage of stock keeping the market where the market is. We have noticed some great overpricing by some agents who have stock problems or agents selling product.

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