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The fifteenth Calne Bike Meet was again an amazing event. Probably the best ever looking at the feedback still coming in almost a week and a half later.

BBC Radio Wiltshire, Motors TV and the Gazette & Herald all attended to report on the event.

In all it was estimated that around 20,000 people attended over the Friday night and the main Saturday Event. Listening to estimates it seemed that up to 7,000 Motor Bikes were in attendance.

The generosity of the Sponsors and the Public really must be applauded. It ensures that the Calne Bike Meet carries on and is now part of the Heritage of Calne.

Friday night torrential rain meant that the bands played on stage whilst visitors had to enjoy their evening under the Big Marquee with a drink or two. The Acoustic Tent also offered welcome shelter and a different musical offering. The drenched Bike Meet Committee Members carried on regardless and prayed for better weather the next day.

Saturday gave us the weather needed to deliver a special event. Saturday morning saw the Stall Holders setting up bright and early and around 8am the first sounds of Motor Bikes coming into Town. By 10 am it was well under way and the Town kept filling with an endless supply of Motor Bikes and Riders.

Kids, Pensioners, Mums, Dads all mixing with Motor Bike Riders and enjoying a Carnival atmosphere. Utterly Unique!

Bands playing music on the big stage, Speedway, Heritage Bikes, Stalls, Food (lots of it) and drink. Something for everyone is probably under stating it. The Bike Meet Stall at the top of the Town completely sold out of merchandise. Thank you everyone. The Bike Meet magazine was well received and all gone bar five (need to keep some for record).

At 4pm the Ride Out began with around 500 Motor Bikes making the trip out to Avebury, Royal Wootton Bassett and then back to the Festival Field to finish. A great way to clear the lungs before the Festival Night.

In town the clear up began and by 7 pm you wouldn’t know an event of this size had happened. People carried on partying in Local Hostelries whilst others headed for the Festival Field.

Saturday Night was again jaw dropping. At the last count there were around 4,000 people up at the Field listening to music, a lot dancing (some interesting moves) and enjoying the bar. The Acoustic Tent offered a nice retreat whilst the Big Stage was well appreciated in the fine weather.

Firework display, more music, more partying, more drinks, more dancing………….

Sunday morning the rain returned for the final clean up. The Field clean up took two soggy days.

Thank you Phil Haines for the Field, The People of Calne for their fantastic attitude, Sponsors and the Calne Bike Meet Committee.

The Bike Meet Committee are all volunteers. Quite Unbelievable Job Done.

Keep an eye on the website and the Facebook page. Donate if you wish and all those that did- thank you again.

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