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Calne Chamber Of Commerce News

logo (1)The Chamber has been very busy over the last few months. So Far;

The Business Fair on Duck Race Day was excellent.

It promoted lots of small businesses at the Town Hall and it seemed that all got new Clients and introductions. Organised in the main by Chamber Members- Pillow May Accountants, Chilvestor Financial Consultants, Goughs solicitors and Calne Town Council. There was also involvement from Clever Tin Man, The Lions and in the background Butfield Breach. The Calne Springs Town team also helped. Some money was also raised for the Calne Bike Meet.

Porte Marsh has been worked on continuously by Ian Powell at Elm Workspace

Wiltshire Council have agreed to make up new signage which is colour coded to match a colour coded map. This map will be available on or The Chamber is to pay for the on-line map production. It would be good if more Porte Marsh businesses contributed to the Chamber.

Porte Marsh Internet

From recent meetings it seems that the vast majority of Porte Marsh should be on Super Fast Broadband by the Spring of 2015. The Super Fast cable upgrade is slowly working our way. It has reached Lacock and Salisbury. It will be Chippenham then onto us from that direction or Wootton Bassett. Some are already receiving it apparently but for full coverage work is ongoing. We will see.

Working with Wessex

At recent meetings with Wessex Chamber there is the agreement of a closer working relationship. Wessex are of great use over the wider spectrum of Wiltshire whilst Calne Chamber is very focused on fighting for Calne. Wessex are to push businesses to Calne if they feel that there is more benefit to them locally and we are to do the reverse. There will be help from Wessex in organising future Business Events.

Breakfast & Lunch

From September onwards there will be a full menu of Breakfast and Lunch Events. Interestingly a chat over a Sausage Sandwich is very well liked. Quite a number of Businesses are organising themselves to host a Breakfast. Watch this space.

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