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2015 is a very exciting year for the Town and over the last year the Chamber has been very involved in promoting the Town and setting up foundations for future success. Intentions and things to look out for in the coming year are;


Involvement with the Tourism Group has shed light on a new focus for the Town and to give it a unique selling point. Calne is the ‘Home of the Wiltshire Cure’. Many groups have come together and there is a tremendous amount of mileage in pursuing this as a headline for the Town. There is to be a Heritage Quarter, focus on the Heritage Centre and turn a negative perception of the Town into a very positive one. The work done by the Chamber has helped bring together many groups together to focus on this ongoing future promotion. The website has been given the green light to be the delivery method for promoting this and tourism.

Breakfasts and Lunches

It is felt that Business Breakfasts are welcomed by members and that each future Breakfast will give the opportunity for our businesses to give talks and advice. The Lunches will be less frequent but a more interesting affair with venues chosen to attract more attendees.


Lyneham is a tremendous opportunity for the Town and our Businesses. It is estimated that the new residents will have around £25 million to spend and it is our aim to get them to spend as much as possible in our area. The want is to help provide a Town Guide on a regular basis and to make sure that the website is their first port of call. There will be a special promotional event in the coming months to help promote the town and to organise our Businesses to make the most of the opportunity.

The website was instigated and influenced by The Chamber and is a business to public connection. All profits are pumped back into promoting the Town. Feedback from other Towns is that we are ahead of the game and set up beautifully to promote our businesses. Other Towns are racing to catch up.

Kind Regards & Best Wishes

Peter Vujakovic

Chamber President

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