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New Gazebos and a Website Relaunch!

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The Calne Springs town team have managed to raise enough money for Bright Red Gazebos. They can accommodate up to eight stall holders. These are available to use by local people for events in the Town or Villages. They got their first outing at the July Saturday market and then were all used to support the Calne Bike Meet. The next outing will be at the August Market on Saturday (th and then full on, on the 12th and 13th of September.

The Website (which cost around £11,000) is there to support the Town. All money raised is put back in the town to support the Town and surrounding Villages. The money raised last year has meant it is cheaper to advertise this year. From only £5 per month. It is run by the Calne Springs Town Team who get involved promoting the Town (Another Group of unpaid Volunteers!!!). The website is In lots of meetings and consultations it was asked for by the Locals of Calne. Well it is here and there is a Mobile App as well. Use it and like it on Facebook. Help the Town!!!

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