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The probability is that there will be an increase in tourism in one of our Wiltshire County Towns. Working groups over the last few years have targeted a previously overlooked jewel with a rich heritage that is under exploited.

The Home of the Original Wiltshire Cure is to be reclaimed by Calne and be the main unique selling point in the ongoing resurgence of this county town. The creation of a new Heritage Quarter to focus on the many historic buildings, the development of the A4 as a tourist route, the Discovery of Oxygen and the awareness that Calne is a Gateway to nearby Historic sites. These are all the right ingredients to make the town a Tourist Hotspot.

The Wiltshire Cure process for meat was introduced to Calne by the Harris family in the 18th Century and is now nationally and internationally known. It is a traditional English technique for curing bacon and ham. Originally a dry cure method was developed into a wet cure method since the First World War.

Various groups have been working to promote the town and in the last two years many groups have come together to form a steering group to focus on tourism. The group was awarded £13,000 by the Government to develop the proposal and to support the work already done over the last few years. Part of the monies was used to involve Heavenly PR Consultants. After consulting with the public, people involved in promoting the town they came up with the unique selling point of the Wiltshire Cure.

The Steering Group has members drawn from all parts of the community which includes local business, local residents, Local Groups with Calne at Heart, Town Council, Heritage Centre, the Town Team plus Local Schools. It has produced a radical rethink on how the town is promoted.

It all bodes very positively for Calne as it continues to move forward as a town. Recent news also includes Marks & Spencer coming to the town centre, the go ahead it seems for Tescos on the by-pass and a new Military Museum to be built close by at Lyneham.

(Note:- The Wiltshire Cure is a traditional English technique for curing bacon and ham. The technique originated in the 18th century in Calne, Wiltshire; it was developed by the Harris family.  Originally it was a dry cure method that involved applying salt to the meat for 10–14 days.  Storing the meat in cold rooms meant that less salt was needed.  The Wiltshire cure has been a wet cure, soaking the meat in brine for 4–5 days, since the First World War [ref Wikipedia].

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